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E-bikes have already partly changed the habits and lifestyles of those who own one. A means that is much more than an alternative to polluting vehicles such as cars, scooters or buses. In fact, electrically assisted bicycles allow you to move freely, with no effort, and often with greater flexibility than traditional means, making it also beneficial and a saving both in terms of cost and time.

In addition to the direct benefits of physical exercise and environmental sustainability, we must not underestimate the indirect benefits brought by a means that has no fuel and insurance costs and does not imply expensive and frequent routine maintenance costs.

All electric bikes are a valuable alternative to traditional means, but Zeroundici bikes have something more to offer ... Let's see in detail why you should choose the Zeroundici brand.


Those who use pedal assisted electric bicycles (pedelecs) are used to seeing Smart and Performing transportation means. What the electric bike public has always been missing ... is certainly design. It is not easy to catch the opportunities of a new and smart mobility, without sacrificing aesthetics, elegance and lightness


We take nothing for granted and we offer a bike that will really make a difference. With Zeroundici you have the possibility of modifying Your e-bike with a wide range of customizations and unique features that will make it truly Yours! The online configurator is designed to do just that: by creating a service which you can access while sitting on the sofa at home and which will interactively walk you through to find the perfect combination of your choice.


All our bikes are assembled by hand in the Zeroundici workshops in Turin, where we make unique, efficient and innovative bicycles. We thoroughly test all bikes one by one, in order to always ensure that all our customers have the highest quality.

By purchasing a Zeroundici bike you will have won our challenge with us. What challenge? To keep the beauty of a sports bike untouched, but to have "something extra" at the same time!

Our something extra lies in the electric heart: because of it, we managed to achieve a very lightweight bike without compromising aesthetics and performance. It is also thanks to the quality of the paintwork and assembly that we are able to produce high level e-bikes that really manage to meet the needs of customers that are increasingly mindful of the care for detail in each component


Each Zeroundici can tell its own story. Such a particular and unique bike had to inevitably have an efficient traceability system of its components. Each piece that leaves our Workshops will be traceable, because our goal is especially to be able to guarantee our customers the maximum safety of the purchased product.

Uniqueness is a key factor, which is why we dedicate much of our work to ensure unique pieces, with high-quality components and that can be tracked back to the buyer. This provides an additional guarantee against theft, because any stolen bicycle, duly reported to our network of dealers, will not benefit from after sales services.

It will be easy to retrace the steps of each individual piece, from the assembly in our workshops to when you're riding. Each bike has its own history, and it's up to you to continue writing it! What are you waiting for?

Motore bici zeroundici


A rather small motor with the thrills of a custom-built one.
The brushless technology allows to minimize wear of the components and to maximize performance. The careful programming of the power delivery curve of the control unit and the combination with an integrated high precision pedal stroke sensor allows an exceptional riding comfort. In addition, the reduced weight of the motor and the battery position allow for a perfect balance of the vehicle, which can be appreciated in every moment of your ride.


The Zeroundici batteries' size and light weight offer maximum performance and range. The EnergyPack 400 is in fact made up of High Energy Density Lithium-ion battery cells. The Panasonic cells ensure amongst the best weight/performance/lifecycle ratios on the market. The Zeroundici batteries feature a 36V voltage and an 11.6ah capacity (for a total of 412Wh) and are operated by a SMART BMS that actively balances the cells to further improve performance during use and to extend battery life.

The use of SMART BMS also allows you to store and use a lot of data regarding the use and status of the battery (charge cycles performed, voltage, current, maximum and minimum temperature, etc.), to ensure the highest quality in after-sales service too.

batterie zeroundici litio

display zeroundici


The small and appealing Zeroundici display has soft touch buttons and two LED lines indicating the level of assistance selected and the remaining battery power. The display is also equipped with an advanced automatic check-up function of the electrical system that is automatically performed at every power-up. The small size allows to minimize the visual impact without compromising functionality and performance.

Selle zeroundici


To make Zeroundici bikes even more unique we decided to create our own collection of saddles, available in the following colours: white, green, blue, brown, black and red. The middle section of the saddle is embroidered with the Zeroundici logo to give that professional and elegant touch that completes the originality of the product. Furthermore, the Italian flag delicately embroidered on the back strap transmits the Italian character featuring on Zeroundici bikes.

Manubri Deda dritto e pista


The handlebars mounted on Zeroundici bikes are all marked Deda Elementi, synonymous with all Italian quality and excellence. For years, the manufacturer of these handlebars has been working together with professional riders to create products that really meet its customers' needs. Thanks to their passion, innovative design and cutting-edge materials, we chose these handlebars to complete the Zeroundici bike works. Handlebars are available in two different race models: flat and road.

Nastri Zeroundici


Just like with the saddles, we decided to create a line of Zeroundici custom tapes. The colours available are the same as the ones shown above: white, green, blue, black and red. Thanks to the colour uniformity, you can easily match the seat with the handlebar tapes or create a colour contrast that will make your bike even more original. The logo is pressed in the texture of each tape, giving the chosen handlebar a refined and precious touch.

Freni Guarnitura Miche


The brakes and the crank set mounted on all Zeroundici bikes are branded Miche, an entirely Italian company that is world leader in the production of components for Bicycles. Miche products are manufactured with technologies, materials and processes that guarantee high level skills coming from a strong passion for cycling that has lasted more than 90 years

Cerchi Gipiemme Aerospoke


With only 840 grams and a 40mm high profile, Gipiemme rims guarantee an excellent quality and performance ratio. With more than 50 years of experience, the Italian Gipiemme company differs on the market in terms of high quality and durability of its products. These rims can be fitted either on the front or the rear wheel, and are available in the following colours: silver, white, red and black.

Without the need for any introductions, Aerospoke rims have aerodynamic blade section spokes. Aerospoke rims greatly reduce air resistance and at the same time retain the highest quality and impact resistance characteristics. With a 5-spoke attractive design and stunning colours you will never go unnoticed. The Aerospoke rims, which are unable to mount the motor hub, can only be placed on the front wheel and are available in the following colours: blue, fluorescent green, pink and black.